X-factor of EBX

We bring you the first Trade friendly cryptocurrency that remain entirely unaffected, even if the gold price fluctuates. Irrespective of the gold market conditions, being the producers ourselves, we have control over the value of the coin. We are moving a step ahead towards a stable cryptocurrency platform. No matter how good you are in your investment skills or how much you have invested, if one has not taken advantage of EBX you are not moving with the speed of 21st century.


In EBX we believe “The more your money works for you, the less you have to work for money”. The cryptocurrency and gold market have shown a dramatic change in past few years. Several factors have contributed in its growth, but the major factor was the successive financial crisis have put the financial institutions, government policies in a questionable situation which grabed the attention of the investors to invest in cryptocurrency market around the world

Basing our operations on this research we provide out investors, disciplined allocation of human and financial capital, and operational excellence

How to begin with?

EBX coin doesn’t follow a series of complex steps and procedures to participate in the growing world of Cryptocurrency. It is among the simplest platform to earn and multiply your earnings by following in simple steps.

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